Hi Everyone,

Sunday morning was so special for all of us at Britton Christian Church!! The kids led worship by performing their Christmas musical for the whole church. I want to thank all of the kids for their tireless efforts in learning the songs and memorizing lines for the play. I am still amazed at the number of lines that the kids who were in the play memorized. Unbelievable!! I also want to thank all of the parents who made sure their children were at all of the practices that have taken place during the past two months. I want to thank Ryan and Lacey Fisher, Pastor Neal and Ms. Atune in the play. Brad and Angelina ain’t got nuttin’ on you guys! If they were handing out Oscars for “Children’s Church Musicals” you would be a cinch!! Thanks a million to Dana Stevenson, our Children’s Minister, who does such an incredible job blessing our little ones. Last of all, (everyone stand on your feet and make a BIG “O” above your head with me. Do it right now. Now, everyone say, “Oooooooooooooooo!”) That’s a standing “O” taking place all over the world! Thanks Cheri Redburn for the hours and hours you spent teaching the little ones their songs and lines. I bet you have gone to bed with those songs ringing in your ears on more than one occasion! Now, may you get some much needed sleep.

There is no doubt in my mind that God has led the most gifted folks in the world to BCC. It is such a joy to watch you use your gifts to bless those the Lord has led into your life and our church.

In His Steps,

Thanks Kids!!
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