running the raceEach Saturday morning at 8 am a group of folks from Britton Christian  Church meet up at Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner for an inspiring word from the Word, prayer, and a little exercise. The wind can be howling, the air can be as cold as Santa at the North Pole, but they just keep showing up. What is it that draws them out of a warm bed and into the cold each Saturday morning? It can’t just be the opportunity to exercise…they could do that at any time during the day. I’m convinced they keep showing up, and growing in numbers I might add, because they’ve come to realize that they can do much more together than they ever could by themselves. Solomon wrote, “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9) I know he is right.  I’ve heard it again and again. “I’m so thankful for the running club!” “I know I wouldn’t be this consistent if I didn’t have these friends.” “I never dreamed I could walk THAT far!” “I’m going to run further next week!” I sit back in amazement as I watch God work.

You don’t have to be a runner, you don’t have to be a walker, all you have to do is show up, get started, and you to will be amazed at what can happen in the weeks ahead. We want to invite you to join us each Saturday morning (as long as it is dry) at 8 am at Stars and Stripes Park so you can join in on the fun and go further, do more, than you ever thought possible. Invite a friend to join you.

The BCC Running Club
Making Great Strides!
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