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It was another wonderful day in Jerusalem!! We got to visit the hottest archeological dig that is taking place in all of Israel, the City of David. Archeologist now know that the current Jerusalem is higher on Mt. Moriah than the city David captured from the Jebusites in 2 Samuel 5. The main reason the city was located further down the slope of the mountain was because without water you couldn’t have a city and the water source, the Gihon Springs are located down in the valley.

The archeologist have uncovered what they believe to be the ancient palace of King David. They’ve uncovered the water transport system that was used by David in 1000 B.C. They have discovered the Pool of Siloam where the blind man was brought to Jesus and asked whose sinned caused him to be born blind? Jesus said, “Neither.” He then spat on the ground…well, why don’t you go to John 9 and you can read the whole story for yourself.

I also got to take a trip through Hezekiah’s tunnel. Wow was it a trip. The thing is almost a half mile long. It was chiseled by Hezekiah’s men to provide water for the city when they were under attack from the enemy. You can read about it in 2 Kings 18-20. As I said earlier, the Gihon Spring was the primary water supply for Jerusalem even before David conquered the Jebusites. David used the water shaft to help defeat the Jebusites. It was Hezekiah, some 300 years later, who had his men chisel rock to divert the water into the city and then extended the wall of the city to protect the water supply. It was an amazing feat!? The water is still flowing and watering Jerusalem today.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Dead Sea and Masada. I can’t wait!? Until then I pray that you are being blessed by the pictures and notes from each day. I sure am praying that the Lord will use this time here in Israel to touch the lives of many back home. I think for so many of us the stories of the Bible are just that…stories. Let me tell you, they are far more than stories, they are history, history that has changed the world, and lives like mine. Have a super day.

You can see the pictures as I add them here on the website.

The City of David
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