preach the gospel

This message of the Gospel shall be preached to all nations – then the end will come (Matt. 24:17).

It’s pretty incredible to think, that in our day and age, with so much “connectivity”, so much social interaction, and with the availability of information at our fingertips, there still exists people who have

NEVER heard the GOOD NEWS about Jesus the Christ.

Yet, Jesus said in Matthews Gospel that EVERY NATION will have the Gospel preached to them and then the end will come. Well, let’s begin a little closer to home.

If we are silent -THE ROCKS WILL CRY OUT

Every nation seems a bit daunting and for some, a bit unrealistic, but what about our next door neighbors? What about our business partners? What about our family members? Has the Gospel even been preached to all of them yet? Have we shared the Good News about Jesus the Christ with anyone this week? This month? Now, I’m not trying to stir up guilt, I just want us to realize what a great opportunity we have each day to be salt and light to the people around us.

This past Sunday, K-Groups began a brand new study which focuses on making Jesus famous by fulfilling the Great Commission. COUNT FOR ZERO will hopefully challenge us all to get uncomfortable with our silence about the grace, mercy, forgiveness, and salvation of our God. Hopefully, this study will challenge all of us to be proactive in sharing our faith in our communities as well as partnering with global missions so that the Gospel is preached where it has not yet been preached.

Our God is a missional God.

His Church must be a missional Church.

If you aren’t in a Sunday night K-Group, now’s the time to join one! Even if you only join for these next 6 weeks. Maybe you have a heart for missions and missionaries, maybe you have the gift of evangelism and enjoy sharing your faith regularly, come out and encourage others in our church to do the same. COUNT FOR ZERO is right up your alley.


Contact: Tré Clark

Community & Education Pastor
Britton Christian Church
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The Great Commission