Celeste & Yvonne
(L-R) Mom & Celeste

A couple of weeks ago Isleigh handed me a letter to read. The letter was addressed to her sister Celeste. Celeste is a high school senior who has been in the BCC Learning Center since elementary. It has truly been encouraging to watch Celeste grow over the years. People who really know Celeste would most likely describe her as, driven, focused, highly intelligent, and a leader – just to name a few.

That’s why, when I read the letter her sister handed to me, I was not surprised at all. Celeste hand contacted Xavier University in New Orleans, La about admission. Xavier wrote back to Celeste offering her a FULL TUITION scholarship! She gladly accepted the offer!!


Celeste will be the 1ST student from the Learning Center to go to college! It’s a great day!!

Congratulations to Celeste for this huge accomplishment!!!

Please be in prayer for her as she continues on this path of achievement!





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