Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let you know about a very special opportunity that is coming our way on February 6 from 6-8 pm and February 7 from 9-12 noon. For many years Lisa Curtis has led our GriefShare ministry at Britton Christian Church. GriefShare has been an unbelievable blessing to many, many people who have suffered the loss of a loved one or friend.

“The Road to Healing a Broken Heart” Grief Conference is the next step for us as a church in reaching out to those who are often suffering in isolation. Our guest speaker for the weekend will be Dr. Harold Ivan Smith. Dr. Smith is a nationally known popular speaker and grief educator. He received a Doctorate of Pastoral Care from Rice Seminary and a Doctorate of Spiritual Formation from Asbury Theological Seminary. Dr. Smith has published more than 30 books and numerous articles, including A Decembered Grief, On Grieving the Loss of a Father, On Grieving the Loss of a Mother, and When Your People Are Grieving (Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City).

The conference will kick off on Friday night at 6 pm with a wonderful catered meal for all of those in attendance. Following our meal, Dr. Smith will share with us some valuable tools that we can use to help those we know who are grieving their loss. On Saturday morning at 9 am we will begin our final session with Dr. Smith with coffee and donuts. Following our time of fellowship Dr. Smith will share with us from his years of experience in working with those who have suffered the loss of a loved one or friend. There is comfort and strength for those who will lean upon God’s grace in their times of deep sorrow. Dr. Smith is an amazing communicator of God’s grace.

It is my prayer that those of you who read this blog will tell your pastor, stop by Britton Christian Church and pick up posters and registrations form, and join us on Friday, February 6 and Saturday, February 7. For more information about the conference you can call (405) 848-2046.

The Road to Healing a Broken Heart
Grief Conference
February 6-7
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