9 Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love. (Psalm 48:9 NIV)

It is obvious, from reading Psalm 48, where the Psalmist’s mind was at the time he sat down to write. He was thinking about God. His mind was flooded with the goodness and glory of God. He was meditating on the unfailing love, the tender mercy, and lovingkindness of God.

My mind is not so focused most of the time. My mind can become flooded with the list of things I’ve got to get done rather than the limitless ways God has shown me His unfailing love. My thoughts can become fixated on the mundane instead of His Majesty, random thoughts instead of His righteousness. I can easily spend the better part of my day barely giving God a thought as I race from one responsibility to the next.

This morning’s verse is an invitation for me to sit a little while longer than normal and meditate, think about, and contemplate the unfailing love of God that has been lavished on me throughout my life. Let me see…

* He has revealed to me His love and my need for Him.
* He has given me His Word, Holy Scripture, so that I might get to know Him more and more throughout my life.
* He has given me the assurance of His forgiveness, not only for my past sins, but for every sin I will ever commit.
* He has given me the desire to live for Him rather than for myself.
* He has transformed my passion from building my kingdom to proclaiming His.
* He has given me heartache and trials in my life so that I might learn to depend on Him.
* He has given me a beautiful wife, three amazing kids, an incredible daughter-in-law, Hall of Fame parents, wonderful sisters and their families, and the most adorable grandchildren in the whole world!
* He has blessed me with good health so that I could go out and run this morning.
* He has set me in a family He chose for me, Britton Christian Church, and it is full of people that I cherish.
* He has provided a home for my family to keep us warm on these cold February nights.
* He has given me countless opportunities to sit and cry with those who are broken and hurting.
* He has opened doors for me to speak at more weddings and funerals than I can count.
* He has allowed me to teach His Word in Bible studies, Sunday worship services, Chapel services, at summer camps, retreats, homeless shelters, juvenile detention centers, and over coffee at Starbucks.
* He has blessed me with His grace and mercy even though I know I do not deserve them.
* He has given me a passion to walk the streets of Heaven that has replaced my fear of dying.
* He is my Father, my Daddy, my Comforter, my Counselor, my Corrector, and the love of my life.

My prayer today Lord is that You might draw my mind away from the things that so easily distract me from the list of countless blessings You have lavished upon me so that I might meditate on Your unfailing love.

Think About It…
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