“This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24 NIV)

The last several weeks have been full of funerals. I did three funerals in a six day span of time at one point in December. All of the old timers say that funerals come in three’s. I don’t know so much about the science of the statement, but I do know that when I said, “Amen!” at the third funeral I thought, “Now I can catch my breath.”? Wrong.

It’s been three weeks since the third of the three funerals took place. I’ve been preparing for the memorial service of my friend, Stillman, this week. On Wednesday night, after I got home from Bible study, I got a phone call informing me that another man in our church, 37 years old, had died during the day. Went to sleep and never woke up.

Five deaths in a month. Five families broken-hearted. Five people whose lives came to a sudden halt. Five opportunities to stop, consider, pray, and give thanks for “today.”

We live our lives, most of us anyway, like we have a thousand tomorrows before us. We put off what is truly important to amuse ourselves, distract ourselves, numb ourselves with the trivial. We assume when we lay our head down at night that we will raise it up again in the morning. We rarely, if ever, stop in the midst of the rush of life and give thanks to the God of life, the Giver of life.

Today, this very moment in time is a gift from His hand. With all of the heartache, challenges, joys, disappointments, hopes, and frustrations that you and I will face or celebrate today–today is a priceless and precious gift.

“This Is The Day…”
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