Study buddiesCan you believe that it has been 24 YEARS since we started the Study Buddies after school ministry?!

Not much has changed over the last 24 years. Our school system is still in a less than desirable condition, students are still struggling to “make the grade”, parents are between a rock and a hard spot trying to find consistent, qualified, caring, and knowledgeable assistance for their students, and Britton Christian Church is still committed to being a

“lighthouse of hope to the community”.

Since we first launched our Study Buddies ministry in 1991, we have added a Middle School and High School piece where we are able to offer assistance to students in grades 6th – 12th. Also, we expanded our reach so that we can help students prepare for college by offering FREE ACT Prep classes. We also have scholarships available for students in our ministries who are attending college.

Furthermore, every summer – when the majority of kids are playing video games – our students and kids from the community can take part in our 5 week, 3 day per week academic camp where we have fun learning and growing our brains!

We are often asked the question: “Why do y’all do this?” And, “How much does it cost?” Our answer is simple: THERE IS NO COST. And we want to be a “lighthouse of hope to the community” as we

“Empower students through Education for Eternity.”

The BCC Learning Center is more than grades and test scores. We are the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived out in the lives of students every week. We thank God that, He who began this good work in us will see it through its completion until Jesus comes.

We are always looking for volunteers. Please considering volunteering with us. We are making history and you’re missing out!!

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Today is our BIRTHDAY!!!