Asia ElnaHi Everyone,

At Britton Christian Church we are willing to use every tool imaginable to share the Gospel with people. This morning, as I baptized Asia Hardwick, I was reassured that we are on the right track. Let me explain. As many of you know we have an amazing tennis program at BCC. The BCC Tennis Academy has the greatest coaches you will find anywhere. Several of our coaches played big-time college tennis, but even more importantly, they all have a heart for the Lord and for His kids.

Asia Hardwick has been involved in our tennis program since day 1. He’s improved to the point where he was invited to be a part of our Saturday morning tennis workout group which is led by Elna Wilson, a former D-1 tennis player at Mississippi State University. Elna came to know Christ in college through the ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Each Saturday, Elna works our kids hard to help them improve their tennis game. After their work-out, Elna teaches our kids about what it means to know and follow Jesus.

When I met with Asia last week I asked him how he came to the decision to want to be baptized. He told me that he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior a couple of summers ago at Kids Across America, but it was Coach Elna’s influence through tennis practice that helped him to see that he needed to follow up his decision to accept Jesus with being baptized. My heart was so full as I listened to him tell his story. I’m so thankful for the many ways all of you reach out to our kids at Britton Christian Church. Isn’t it amazing to think about how the Lord can use tennis to draw kids to Himself?! In the last couple of months I have baptized four kids from our tennis program! Praise God and keep sharing the Gospel in every way and in every place!

Using Tennis to Reach Kids for Christ!
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