Hi Everyone,

Connie, Nate, and I headed out to Mercy Hospital about 4:30 am so we wouldn’t miss a thing. When we got to the sixth floor we buzzed in and told the nurse that we were there to see Rachel Hays. She said, “We’re waiting for her to get here.” You would never know we were excited would you? ha!

In just a few minutes Dan and Rachel came walking off the elevator and they both looked like the cat that ate the canary! Bob and Carol, Rachel’s mom and dad, arrived right behind them. Before they took Rachel in for her C-Section we all joined hands and gave thanks for the Lord’s great work and our finally being able to see His handiwork. I had no idea just how marvelous His handiwork would prove to be!

When Dan came and got us we walked into the room and there was our double blessing–Kellen and Macy! Kellen weighed 6 lb. 13 oz and Macy weighed in at 6 lbs. Kellen looks like an outside linebacker if I’ve ever seen one and I’m certain Annie will have a tennis racket in Macy’s hand before she can talk. My heart could not be any more full!

The gift of life is so precious. God is so good. Being a grandparent is cooler than ice cream! I can’t wait to see these little ones grow and become the young man and young woman that God desires for them to. I want to be there every step of the way to spoil them rotten! ha!

Our family wants to thank all of you for your prayers during these nine months. It is one thing to welcome a new little life, or lives, into the world. It is an altogether different thing to celebrate those lives with those you love who have prayed with you during the wait.

In His Steps,

Welcome Kellen and Macy!
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