Hi Everyone,
After three incredible days of skiing we pulled into Britton Christian Church about 10 am this morning with every person we left with…and in one piece! That’s the goal! Each of the 38 people who made the trip this year have come home with a truckload of memories. If you don’t believe me then ask Jeremy French about his amazing tricks at Buttermilk on the half-pipe or Keondre Jackson (a.k.a. Bruce Lee Roy) about how he karate chopped a wooden fence and lived to tell about it! Oh, I almost forgot. I wasn’t going to tell the story but I know it will get around so here it goes. Garrett Gilmore was a first time skier on our trip. He proved to be an incredible skier too I might add. I got to go up on the mountain with Garrett one day. Our confidence was at an all-time high when we miscalculated our abilities and chose a “Blue” over a “Green.” When you see Garrett and the battle scar on his face know that I did not push him down the slope. ha! He sure had fun telling folks I did. I’m relieved his mom and dad didn’t call DHS on me!!

I want to thank all of you who prayed for us while we were gone. The adults on the trip talked about what a great idea it was to pass out the prayer bracelets with the names of everyone on the trip before we left so that people could pray for us. Thanks for the idea Barb! It was an amazing trip! If you would like to see more pictures then click on “more” and it will take you there. On the smaller “thumbnails” you can click on them and they will display their full size for you. Thanks again.

In His Steps,

We’re Back From The Mountain!
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