Hi Everyone,

I’ve been telling everyone I know for the past few weeks about Dr. Bruce Waltke’s soon coming visit to Britton Christian Church. I hope you have told everyone you know so that they will be with us for our 8:30 am service this coming Sunday, March 16.

What I haven’t told you is that Dr. David Darnell will also be with us this coming Sunday, March 16! Dr. Darnell will be preaching in the 10:40 am service! It is going to be an incredible morning.

I had the privilege of working with David at First Christian Church in Plano, Texas for over five years while I was in seminary. David taught me so much about God’s Word. I continue to talk to David most every week as I have questions about Greek and Hebrew. David is an amazing student of God’s Word and you will be great blessed by his teaching.

I know you are probably thinking, “Which service should I attend on Sunday? Should I hear Dr. Waltke teach or Dr. Darnell?” I have a suggestion for you–go to both! It is rare that you will ever have the opportunity to hear two such wonderful Bible teachers, much less on the same morning. So come early, go eat breakfast, and then come back for the 10:40 am service.

In His Steps,

What A Sunday!
Dr. Bruce Waltke and Dr. David Darnell