RC1Hi Everyone,

I have just had the most amazing weekend! Things got off to a cold start on Saturday morning as I joined up with The BCC Running/Walking Club at Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner for a cold and windy, but incredible run. I’ve been running (more like lumbering) for a long time, but when we started The BCC Running/Walking Club last year I knew I was part of something special. There is just something special about getting together with others that makes exercise more tolerable, even enjoyable! We have folks of all ages and abilities, runners and walkers, men and women, but our goal is fun, fellowship, and keep moving.

We huddled up like a covey of quail as we prayed before we hit the trail. Everybody had a buddy because buddies make the challenge easier. I want to encourage you to join us each Saturday morning at 8 am for lots of fun and fellowship. We’ll always meet, unless it’s wet outside.

Ballroom DanceSaturday at 12 Noon I was invited to join the LifeChange Ballroom Dancers in the gym at our church. I’ve watched these kids grow up right before my eyes and I still get goosebumps whenever I watch them perform. They’ve added some new kids, young kids, and man can these kids dance! I hope you were with us in morning worship on Sunday as some of the dancers performed while the choir sang, “I Will Dance.” Troy Freeman and the Lighthouse Choir knocked it out of the park and the kids enhanced the song in such a powerful way!

Laura baptismRight before Troy, the choir, and the dancers did, “I Will Dance,” we had the blessing of sharing in the baptism of Laura Wasson. Laura is a 5th grader who has such a great love for Jesus. I had the blessing of sitting down with Laura and her mom and dad about a month ago. I always like to spend time with those who are going to be baptized so that we can look at some Scripture and try to better understand what baptism is all about. I ended up listening to Laura talk about her involvement in Bible study and her love for the Lord. I walked away from the meeting so encouraged!

Cheetahs2Right after our 10:40 am worship service we were scheduled to have tennis practice for our youngest players, The BCC Cheetahs. I wondered if anyone would show up and to my surprise we had more kids show up than we had signed-up to play. Steve Porter, Brad Lund, and Henry Litchfield had the gym all set up and the kids were hard at it by the time I got there. Also, Kennedy Luther and Asia Hardwick, two of our older players, were at practice coaching our younger kids!! What a blessing to see our older kids pouring into the lives of our younger kids.

You’ve probably seen Mike Curtis roaming around BCC with his video camera during the past couple of weeks. Mike and our Staff have been working on a video project that we’ll show during The Lighthouse Choir’s Christmas Concert. The theme for the concert is, “Making Room for Our Neighbors” and I think you are really going to like the videos Mike is making. I hope you will take the time to invite your friends and neighbors to join us on Sunday evening, December 7 for a great night of celebrating Jesus, God’s gift to us!

Needless to say, I’ve had a great weekend! I’m so grateful to the Lord for the many blessings that He continues to shower upon my life. I hope you will get involved so that you can experience some of the great things God is doing at BCC.


What a Weekend!
Great Things are Happening at BCC