?????I wanted to let you know about an important opportunity that we have to bless some of our elementary age kids who would like to attend Shiloh Summer Camp?this summer. At BCC we have taken more than 100 Middle School and High School kids to Kids Across America each summer for the past 13 years. This has proved to be one of the most important opportunities that we provide for the kids of our community as we have seen dozens of young people give their life to Christ while at camp with us.

????This summer we are planning on providing 40 elementary school kids from our church and community with the opportunity to go to Shiloh Summer Camp during the week of July 11-14. The cost of the camp is $240.00 but we are hoping to provide $200 scholarships for each of the 40 kids so that their family will only have to pay $40. For many of the families $40 will be a stretch, but we feel that camp is such an important experience that we want to try and help these families. If you would like to sponsor one of our elementary school kids then please email me at bccpreacherman@aol.com and?let me know. We are looking for 40 scholarships so you can sponsor one child or as many as you would like. Thanks so much for your help.
In His Steps,
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