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Connie, Annie, and I spent the evening with lots of friends who were gathered for the Britvil “Raise The Roof” Banquet tonight at Quail Creek Country Club. My heart is so full! So many of the Britvil volunteers worked tirelessly to pull the event together in hopes of raising enough money to be able to build their new building and move in debt free. I don’t know the final outcome of their fund raising efforts, but I know that every person who was present tonight left the gathering filled to overflowing with a sense that God is doing something very special through the work of Britvil.

Stephan Moore, the Executive Director of Shiloh Summer Camp, shared his testimony of growing up in poverty. Stephan told about going to the grocery store with food stamps from his mother to buy milk only later to have an opportunity to get a college education, play basketball for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and play on national tv. Stephan said that when he was playing on national tv for the first time he choked up thinking about all of those who had helped him get to where he was in life.

The Life Change Ballroom dancers, the most amazing kids in the world, danced for us like those on Dancing With the Stars only wish they could dance! My heart was so full as I watched the kids because I know those kids and I know those who give up countless hours of doing what they could do in order to help the kids do what they never even dreamed of doing.

Nineteen years ago, a couple of elderly ladies caught a vision through the reading of Jesus’ parable of the sheep and the goats. That Scripture, when Jesus said, “In as much as you have done it to the least of these brothers of mine you have done it to me” touched them so deeply they set out to feed those who were hungry in our neighborhood. Nineteen years later those who are hungry are still finding a meal through the generosity of the Britvil Food Pantry.

On Tuesday night I had the opportunity to attend the Fellowship of Christian Athletes annual banquet. Michael Oher, of the Baltimore Ravens and the person for whom the hit movie, “Blindside” is about, was our guest speaker. Michael spent many of his young years basically on his own. His mother had a drug problem and Michael had to fend for himself until a family reached out to him and took him into their own home. They helped Michael. Michael said, “There were kids in my neighborhood who were smarter than me and better athletes than me, but someone was willing to help me and it made a difference.” His words are stuck in my mind and heart. We have no idea how God can use a helping hand if we are only willing to reach out and help someone in need.

In His Steps,

You Never Know What God Will Do When You Lend a Hand
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