Hi Everyone,

The new year is here and the time is now. What is important to you? Name it. What would you like to do if you could? Write it down. How would you like to live your life? Turn off the tv right now and make a list. Would you like to be a “giver” or a “taker?” Would you like to grow closer to the Lord or continue your distance? Would you like to be known by your friends and family as a positive, encouraging person or a critical person whose glass is always half empty? These are important questions and only you have the answer. The key is to begin to live that way now. The key is to begin to do “it” whatever “it” is–and to do it now. Sure it’s going to take practice. Sure it is going to cost you something. There is nothing achieved without a cost involved. Sure you are going to mess up, have to start over, and recommit throughout the year, but so what! Isn’t it better to set your sights high and pursue something instead of just settling for the same old rut and routine?

I want to encourage you to write down some goals and then share them with a friend who can keep you accountable, nudge you towards the finish line, and then watch what happens over the coming weeks and months. I would love it if you would email me one of your goals so that I can pray for you as you pursue it. Let’s get started.

In His Steps,

The Time is Now!
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